Project Summary:

The Social Media Reporter for the Palm Beach Post will lead the charge in platform-driven storytelling – both editorial and advertorial. Using social media platforms, we can tell stories that reach a Millennial audience not currently engaged with our brand, and we can help adventurous advertisers share stories about their brands in new and innovative ways.

By speaking the native, digital language of Millennials, the Social Media Reporter will expand our brand awareness to an audience who thinks of us as their “grandparents’ newspaper.” And he or she will help establish best practices for social media storytelling, native advertising and production that can be disseminated property- and company-wide.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Snapchat: Identify stories that speak to a young, engaged demographic and tell those stories within the platform.
  • Twitter: Live-tweet events, making that practice a story unto itself. Organize tweetups (around live events or issues) in order to strengthen our brand’s connection with its digital audience IRL (in real life).
  • Facebook: Working with a video producer, become fluent in social video and use the inline Facebook video feature to share visual stories. Monitor metrics to gauge success and fine-tune the content selection.
  • Instagram: Use strong visuals, engaging soundbeds, popular hashtags, pop culture memes/gifs, stop-motion video, 15-second video and third-party apps to disseminate news. Organize #instameet(s) around hashtags/photos that perform especially well on the account.

Performance Objectives & Deliverables:

  • Become familiar with and proficient in platform-driven storytelling.
  • Understand and effectively launch native advertising possibilities across social media platforms.
  • Identify best practices for social media storytelling and native advertising to share across the property and CMG.
  • Keep an eye out for the next new thing, experimenting on platforms we haven’t even heard of yet.
  • Digital evolution: Expand social media presence and audience engagement on social media platforms. For example, grow our Snapchat engagement: Increase story views from ~250 to 1,000 viewers per story and increase screenshots and calls to action from single to double digits.
  • Growth and innovation: Explore how to capitalize on native ad opportunities across social media platforms. Discover how a sponsor’s native ad buy translates into the various digital languages of Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in order to reach a large, diverse and engaged audience.

Key Skills:

  • An innate understanding of the differences between audiences across social media platforms (Facebook skews older and more female while Instagram is younger and Twitter more male; Snapchat is home for the youngest and most engaged social media users – how do these differences influence the way stories are told?)
  • Know the intricacies and ethos of each social media platform (Be able to speak the language.)
  • An eye for photography, videography, and language composition
  • Intrapersonal communication skills that translate on and off camera
  • An understanding of basic journalistic tenets
  • Meticulous attention to detail and organization
  • High-level creative writing, critical thinking and research skills


  • Workflow:


    • The Social Media Reporter will meet with the Social Media Producer and Manager daily/weekly to discuss projects and brainstorm story ideas, and review the previous week’s metrics. This Reporter will attend daily content meetings, biweekly engagement meetings, and weekly Digital Strategy meetings to assist with story choice and tools for storytelling. The Reporter will also meet, as needed, with additional reporters and editors as well as the Digital Account Manager in advertising to work through possible native advertising opportunities.

Palm Beach Post 2016

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