Project Summary:

This position has News and Sales components and is focused on digital and social for KIRO’s newest talent. The person will work closely with Jesse Jones, a well-known consumer advocate at KIRO in Seattle to grow social media following and grown page views on the recently-launched The person is part of KIRO’s long-term strategy to assign a digital sidekick to the Jesse brand on KIRO.

Key Responsibilities:                                                                                                           

  •  Seek out viral digital content for the site.
  • Use Facebook “like” acquisition practices to make Jesse the most “liked” persona in the Seattle area.
  • Innovate and create Facebook posts on the Jesse page that will generate the best engagement in the market as measured by analytics tools.
  • Use social media to dramatically increase page views for the site.
  • Partner with the Sales team to establish revenue benchmarks for the site and potential clients that could be approached by the Sales team

Performance Objectives:

  • Become knowledgeable in WordPress publishing as well as publishing on the new CMG TV platform
  • Learn social and digital strategies and implement them to help build the Jesse brand across platforms
  • Learn how to become a liaison between News and Sales and draw a parallel between content and sales opportunities.

Key Skills:

  •  Basic knowledge of journalism and writing for digital
  • Skilled in social media use and the understanding of its ability to reach a wide demographic
  • Deep desire to help the community through consumer-oriented journalism
  • Ability to use the WordPress platform to publish and design is a plus
  • Strong communication skills

Interfaces & Development:

  •  The participant will work with Jesse Jones, who is a really fantastic guy. S/he will also work with KIRO’s digital team (who have created the #1 Facebook page in Seattle) to learn the appropriate skills for success. We will create clear daily and weekly goals for Facebook likes and page views to achieve the goals stated above. The participant will also work with the Digital Sales Manager to address client needs.

The webpage and the JesseKIRO7 Facebook are rockets sitting on a launch pad and are ready to really take off. The digital talent participant will have on the most fun and rewarding jobs in the building, taking the webpage and Facebook page to new heights.  S/he will work with a great group of very talented and seasoned employees who are in need of some millennial help to achieve digital success.  This person will also learn how to help people in the community through consumer journalism.   Ultimately, this role would also help KIRO develop new revenue streams through sales partnerships.

The success of the Jesse brand on TV an online is crucial to the success of KIRO 7.  The digital sidekick will assist us in realigning the potential page views, unique visits, and revenue from this new and innovative product.

KIROTv DTP JOb Descriprion 2016

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