Join Our #DTPchat Today!

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Applying for the 2016 Digital Talent Program? Our best and brightest offer tips to submit a winning application before the Oct. 9 deadline. Join us today from Noon to 1 p.m. or from 4 to 5 p.m. ET. Follow #DTPchat on Twitter.  

Meet Monica Longoria of CMG Atlanta

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We’ve launched a YouTube video series to share our stories. Check out this spotlight on Digital Sales Research Analyst Monica Longoria, a member of our 2013 DTP class.  

The Importance of Innovation

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The Importance of Innovation

This year, Digital Talent Program employees Jessica Sooknanan and Tony Atkins were selected to participate in Cox Media Group’s third annual Innovation Summit. Both were sent out to Boulder to master the skill of design thinking and have gone back to Atlanta and Austin, respectively, with a fresh mindset to apply to their daily jobs. […]

#DTPChat with Sydney, Tony, Geoffrey and Jessica

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[View the story “#DTPChat with Sydney, Tony, Geoffrey and Jessica” on Storify]

The Risks We Take and the Promise That Awaits…

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In this life, certain leaps are made—and needed—to reach our targeted destination. Not leaps in the literal sense, yet, metaphorically. Maybe a leap for one person is simple and smooth; a hop-skip-jump combination. For others, the act is like skydiving from hundreds of thousands of feet in the air. No matter the technique, it’s certain; […]

The importance of the work culture

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For many professionals, especially younger ones, finding the perfect job is probably the number-one thing running through your mind as you look to turn to the next chapter in your career. Granted, such a job may never exist (because, what really is perfect?) but you can get really, really close. From the moment you graduate college […]

Culture of Collaboration

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Culture of Collaboration

Let’s be honest, in college, no one exactly jumps up at the idea of being assigned to group projects. New diet method explained. In fact I remember seeing cringes, hearing sighs, and feeling dread when professors would say, “I’ve put you in assigned groups”. I guess somewhere in the minds of most college students, they believe they’ll get jobs […]

Five tips to stand out at professional conferences

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There’s a quote from the great Mahatma Gandhi that reads, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” That quote has always summarized my approach to life and it couldn’t mean more to me than it did when I attended both the NABJ (National Association of Black […]

Embracing the unexpected

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Embracing the unexpected

My first few weeks in the Digital Talent Program have been exciting, to say the least.  In the span of four weeks I relocated from Atlanta, to San Francisco, and back. Moving back to Atlanta was a surprising plot twist to my post-graduation life, but the experience has brought with it many valuable insights.  And […]

New beginnings…

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New beginnings…

Whew… What a rush. Imagine going on one of the highest roller coasters you can find. As the car slowly creeps to the top, your heart races. You start to calculate inside of your head exactly when that sharp drop will happen. All of a sudden… *WHOOOSH* … Down and away you go! The car […]

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