The Risks We Take and the Promise That Awaits…

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In this life, certain leaps are made—and needed—to reach our targeted destination. Not leaps in the literal sense, yet, metaphorically.

Maybe a leap for one person is simple and smooth; a hop-skip-jump combination. For others, the act is like skydiving from hundreds of thousands of feet in the air. No matter the technique, it’s certain; the leap is going to happen. The question then is whether you’ll have a soft or hard landing.

I’ll admit I skydived when I made the 3,000-mile journey to Texas from the East Coast. I spoke in an earlier post about all of the things I knew I was leaving behind—family, longtime friends and a certain sense of security and comfort level.

So leaping into the realm of digital marketing from hard news and journalism definitely was something that left me uneasy. When I walked into those doors of the radio station in June, I pondered whether I could make a lasting contribution. My experience in digital marketing was limited. I wondered if I could find the right swing to knock down those mental barriers; come off the bench and make big plays.

Just when I think the moment is too large for me, this phrase starts to seep in: “Pressure is a privilege.”

No, that’s not my phrase. Rather, it’s a personal creed from famed tennis star Billie Jean King. I use this quote in my everyday life and apply to any new situation I encounter.

Think about all the major events that have happened in our lifetime–the fall of the Berlin Wall; man’s first ascent to the Moon; the passage of civil rights laws for women and minorities. All of these feats share a common theme—fearless men and women stepped outside their comfort zone and took risks.

What would have happened if these individuals held back and succumb to the pressure? I probably would not be here today typing this passage.

I’m not exactly certain when I’ll reach my crowning achievement here in San Antonio, or rather, in my life. Who knows?  My shining moment could happen today, tomorrow or within the next few hours.

Regardless the timeframe, I keep in mind daily there’s a golden opportunity here for me in San Antonio; at Cox Media Group. Others are counting on me to take those big risks and vice versa.

So, instead of running from a challenge, embrace it; own it. Become the problem-solver; the game-changer. Take each day in stride. Work through your difficulties while you find your proper footing. If you fall, it’s not the end of the world. I just can’t say the same if you decide to stay down.



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