Culture of Collaboration

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Culture of Collaboration

Let’s be honest, in college, no one exactly jumps up at the idea of being assigned to group projects. In fact I remember seeing cringes, hearing sighs, and feeling dread when professors would say, “I’ve put you in assigned groups”. I guess somewhere in the minds of most college students, they believe they’ll get jobs that are based on their talents, points of views, and free spirits alone. Maybe some of us think that we’ll get to sit behind cubicles and computers all day, but the reality is…you will have to work with others. In fact, constant communication and collaboration is required in almost every area of your life. For some, this can be a coming of age reality.

After college, you don’t get to choose who you interact with and you realize that maybe that’s a good thing.

It’s in talking and working with others that ideas are born, important information is shared, and the beginning stages of changes are made. Maybe this is basic information for you, but attending one Comm. 101 class and doing various group projects isn’t quite the same as experiencing collaboration on a daily basis.

Colleagues standing around an “idea tree” I posted to start conversations! (More on this later!:-))

In the short time that I’ve been working in my current position, I’ve realized the importance of collaboration. During my first week I was connected with colleagues  in various departments that I immediately started to work with. I was included in regular team meetings and realized how Valpak has a “culture of collaboration”!  This culture is seen in the open seating arrangement structure we work in, the wilingness to share calendars and set up one-on-ones when needed, and the overall environment that we’re here to help each other. Collaboration isn’t just an option here, it’s a culture.

Have you experienced working in a culture of collaboration? Are you open to it?

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