Embracing the unexpected

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Embracing the unexpected

My first few weeks in the Digital Talent Program have been exciting, to say the least.  In the span of four weeks I relocated from Atlanta, to San Francisco, and back.

A “performance area” at WSB where we shoot 2 News Now segments.

Moving back to Atlanta was a surprising plot twist to my post-graduation life, but the experience has brought with it many valuable insights.  And of course, it all worked out for the best; I ended up landing a position at my favorite hometown station, WSB-TV, where I will be contributing to projects for all Cox television properties.

Mr. Terrance when he came for a visit to WSB-TV.

This experience taught me that sometimes the unexpected happens. What matters most is accepting new challenges and adventures with confidence and enthusiasm. Luckily for me, the unexpected left me with a very optimistic outlook ahead.

I guess Atlanta wasn’t quite done with me yet! I’m looking forward to making my time at WSB-TV unforgettable.

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