New beginnings…

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New beginnings…

Whew… What a rush.

Imagine going on one of the highest roller coasters you can find. As the car slowly creeps to the top, your heart races. You start to calculate inside of your head exactly when that sharp drop will happen. All of a sudden… *WHOOOSH* … Down and away you go! The car makes several winding and snake like turns. The adrenaline creates a stir of exhilaration. You wonder how long the high you’re feeling will last. If I had to sum up my first month here in San Antonio and with the Digital Talent Program, I’d certainly use this analogy.

Making the move from the East Coast to the Southwest was quite the adventure. Yet, with every adventure, you’re certain to have unexpectedness and strong feelings of anxiety. Graduating with my Master’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in May was one of the happiest moments of my life. Looking past all of the euphoria and sense of accomplishment, I still knew I had little time to celebrate. I had to pack my things, load ‘em up in my Budget truck, and hit the road to Texas.

When the day came to pull out of Richmond, I thought about everything I was leaving behind. Good friends, strong networks and most importantly–family. I knew there was already a level of comfort there. I didn’t have to worry about shifting gears and starting all over. Then I thought about all of the new things I would gain. I had to ponder: exactly how much fun is it in life to stay in the slow lane? Who has ever reached their peak and ultimate potential by remaining in their comfort zone? Those thoughts were enough motivation to move forward with my relocation.

So, 26 hours and more than 1,500 miles later, I finally arrived to San Antonio. I was immediately greeted by the sweltering Texas heat and heavy traffic on Interstate 10. While unloading my belongings into my apartment, I kept thinking to myself, “What lies ahead? Am I ready for this?” Whether I was or not, I had to get ready. I had to show I was at the top of my game and that I could come off the bench and immediately make big plays. As soon as I knew it, Monday morning hit. It’s here; my first day at the station.

Walking inside of Cox Media Group-San Antonio building, I had a million emotions running through me. Heading on the elevator to the 5th floor, I knew there was no turning back. Walking inside the station, I was greeted with firm handshakes and hellos. I made small talk with many of the station managers, account executives, and people in the digital sales departments. Many of them said they heard so much about me, my digital background and we’re excited to have me on board. Any doubt that I had previously, it was immediately erased. I knew I found the perfect fit.

Coming into this role, I knew I had a steep learning curve. There were many concepts about digital marketing I had to grasp immediately. If I was going to make any major contribution, I had to discipline myself and try and understand what was happening around me. What helped in that was the outpouring of support by my team and managers. Many of them made me feel right at home. It didn’t matter if I was the new guy, they saw me as something else–family. When your family believes in you, that’s all that matters.

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